About coaching

Coaching does not make all people the same but the opposite, in fact.  It helps people to bring out more of their unique strengths to their professional and personal lives.
How does coaching work?

You the Client

In coaching, we focus on what is important and happening for you currently.  We work on making the changes you want in your life.

Me the Coach

As a coach I mirror back to my clients what is going on as well as what is not said. I help my clients see things in different ways to create more choices. I provide curiosity, encouragement and challenge to my clients to grow out of where they are now into bigger and better things.

Coaching & the Coaching Relationship

In coaching, a relationship is established that is open, alive and equal. This sets the space for my clients’ development work to be creative and meaningful. This is the place of “what if” where clients will explore their potential, create choice and choose actions that are truly right for them.

What the Client gets

My clients learn to truly lead in their own lives: 1) firstly, they get clarity on what they want to achieve and why 2) they learn to manage barriers and excuses 3) finally, clients build up a toolbox of confidence, strategies and perspectives that empowers them to manage obstacles and challenges.

How long does it take

The time it takes to make changes in your life through coaching does not happen overnight but it is real and lasting.  You must decide how quickly you want changes.  Keeping this mind, I ask for a minimum commitment of three months to bear initial results through setting and achieving goals.

How do you get started

It is crucial that you feel rapport and confidence in me as your coach.  Therefore I invite you to a complimentary 45 minute sample session.  This session is an opportunity to see if coaching is for you and whether there is a fit for us to work together.

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