About me

I am passionate about the human spirit and our potential. I believe in people and acceptance without barriers. I love to explore the known and unknown, big and small. I have fears but am not afraid of them. This is what I bring to my clients.

Coaching feels like coming home to me where I can look for and inspire the best in others. My past professional life has been rich and colourful, starting in Vancouver with stops in London and presently Warsaw. Before becoming a CPCC, PCC certified coach, the business side of me has included Big 4 audit, management accounting in an international bank, and recruitment consulting in a boutique firm. My home life is abundant with husband, two children, nine siblings, countless relatives and a few treasured friends.

I don’t swim very well but am set in my love for the sea. I thrive in ancient forests but yearn to see the treeless expanses of Mongolia. My Polish is better than my Chinese but I am proud of my ancestry. I am committed to professionalism, respect and the belief for my clients to see and become their magnificent selves.

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