What clients say about me

At the beginning, I thought of the coaching sessions as additional work.  From the second session, I really looked forward to them and the tangible benefits it gave me.  I gained value on many fronts:

- Personal development to become a better leader

- Better understanding of people development and my impact on others

- Creation of a sense of belonging and team charter amongst my associates

- Continuous reflection on areas of improvement

- Linking today to the future of the business and career progression of associates.

 SK, Country Sales Director, FMCG, Middle East

My sessions with Eileen have been enlightening.  I have started to have a clear vision of what I need to focus on at every turn to ensure I continue on my journey to be a great leader.  The coaching was priceless as the awareness about what to focus on and how my leadership style impacts others are lessons that cannot be measured in value.  The sessions were worth every penny and time invested.  I’m very grateful for the quality time that we had and the openness to share my thoughts.  Thanks Eileen!

 MT, Finance Director, FMCG, Middle East

Eileen is a very good coach who played a role as my sounding board.  Her coaching exhibits a hands on approach as we discussed everyday examples.  I came away with clear to-do’s between the coaching sessions ensuring I followed up on my commitments.  I now have a clearer vision for my development and future route as a leader.

 LS-N, Finance Manager, FMCG, Germany

Eileen was my third coach so I knew what I wanted from our sessions.  When I started working with her, I was a 26 year old entrepreneur with no partner or board.  Eileen was like a board for me and my company, and she did a great job!


We covered all my business dilemmas and our meetings always cleared my mind.   She did not give me the answers but asked questions, sometimes pushing me to the edge and not letting me go on difficult issues. The coaching process made me into a more mature, self-aware and self-confident manager and entrepreneur. 


In terms of numbers, despite an economic downturn, I achieved over 400% growth in income over the past two years.  I also gained new customers, some of whom are noted on the stock exchange and some multinationals.  This together with the recruitment of key personnel has helped to put my company on solid ground.


I wish every manager or entrepreneur to have such a successful journey as I have had together with Eileen.

 AK, CEO and Entrepreneur, Staffing Services, Poland

Thank you thank you thank you.  Not sure I could ever have come this far if you hadn’’t pushed me to think things through, identify what I wanted and what was stopping me.  You’ve helped to build my confidence to a level I never would have believed a year ago, you’ve helped me to get through a particularly troubled year with major life changes, and come out the other side smiling and feeling good.  Surely that’s worth everything!

GC, Entrepreneur, UK
YEDA (Yorkshire) Female Entrepreneur of the Year 2010

Eileen, you were so energizing by being you. I loved our sessions, your support, love, acceptance, quick answers for my emails and great solutions which were so helpful. You were very motivating, challenging and intuitive. Great articulation- I felt heard. I’ll miss our sessions a lot.

RN, Coach and Artist, Poland

I have been working with Eileen as a coach for a few months. Eileen is always smiling, dynamic and has a positive attitude towards the Client. She is always open to the Client’s needs looking for new possibilities and inspires reflection and work on oneself.  With whole heart I can recommend Eileen as a competent and trusted person to work with.

DJ, HR Director, Not for Profit Organization, Poland

Eileen is an effective and brilliant coach. During our sessions, she accurately identifies what needs to be explored and effectively provokes me to discussion and work on myself. During this difficult time in my professional life, she helps me organize my thinking on what is really important for me and in me, as well as focus my actions around my values. I like sessions with Eileen because of her friendly and enthusiastic attitude encouraging in me optimism and the desire to take action.

MG, Executive Manager, Poland

I’ve really enjoyed our sessions. It’s helped me to take action and not stew things over in my head.

M O’F,  Operations Manager, Property Services, UK

First and foremost, I find her friendly, enthusiastic and down-to-earth which facilitates communication and openness especially during difficult topics.  She is also challenging, bold and direct in the face of avoidance which really shows me she cares whether or not I am getting the most out of our session. Lastly, beyond the technical and educational exchange of brainstorming, ideas and goals, Eileen has, in my opinion, an important intuitive/spiritual quality that helps to encourage shifts of perception in our focused work.  I can say, each session brings about a valuable point of change.

JL, P.Eng, Poland

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